Academic Forgiveness Policy

Academic forgiveness gives an undergraduate student who has not been enrolled at MSUM for at least five years a one-time opportunity to establish a new GPA. Students must meet the following conditions: 

  • The student must not have been enrolled at MSUM for a minimum of five consecutive years prior to the “point of academic forgiveness.”
  • Upon readmission, the student must demonstrate adequate academic ability by completing 12 undergraduate credits at MSUM with a minimum GPA of 2.0 (grade of “C” or higher in each class).

Academic forgiveness cannot be granted if a student has earned a post-secondary degree following his/her initial MSUM attendance and applied MSUM credits toward that degree.

Adding or Dropping Courses

Registration changes may be made after initial registration. A class may be added through the fifth class day of the term, except for courses which begin later in the semester, or in special circumstances approved by academic appeal. Students may drop a class without record (no indication will appear on the transcript) by the fifth day of the class term, unless the course begins later in the semester or is a shorter summer session course. A class dropped after the first five days will appear on the student’s record as a withdrawal (“W”).

Refunds for dropped courses may apply and guidelines may be found at

Withdrawal from Enrollment 

To withdraw officially from all enrolled courses, students must officially withdraw through the Academic Support Center. Students who withdraw without following this procedure will receive a grade of “F” in each course and are considered “unofficially withdrawn”. Financial Aid recipients who unofficially withdraw may incur repayment obligations. For information on withdrawing, go to the Academic Support Center website at

“W” grades cannot be granted if the complete withdrawal takes place later than the normal withdrawal deadline of the semester. Under special circumstances, students may pursue “retroactive withdrawal” after this deadline by filing an academic appeal with the Registrar's Office.

Any refund of tuition or fees will be according to the schedule given at

Military Withdrawal

Students who are members of any branch of the U.S. military and who are unable to complete a semester due to having been called to active duty and veterans with a service connected disability as described in Part 2 of this policy, shall to the extent possible be provided one of the following options.

1.) The student may withdraw from one or more courses for which tuition and fees have been paid that are attributable to the courses and be given a full refund of tuition. The tuition and fees must be credited to the person's account at the postsecondary institution. Any refunds are subject to the requirements of the state or federal financial aid programs of origination.

Students receiving financial aid who choose this option should be made aware they may be liable for any required refunds of state or federal financial aid funds. In such a case, the student must not receive credit for the courses and must not receive a failing grade, incomplete, or other negative annotation on the student's record, and the student's grade point average must not be altered or affected in any manner because of action under this item.

2.) The student may be given an incomplete in a course and complete it upon release from active duty or upon completion of medical treatment, or upon sufficient medical recovery. Course completion may be accomplished by independent study or by retaking course without payment of tuition. Under federal financial aid policies a course that is retaken this way may not be counted toward a student's enrollment load.

3.) The student may continue and complete the course for full credit. Class sessions the student misses due to performance of active military service or due to the person's medical treatment or medical condition must be counted as excused absences and must not be used in any way to adversely impact the student's grade or standing in the class. Any student who selects this option is not, however, automatically excused from completing assignments due during the period the student is performing active military service or receiving medical treatment or recovering from a medical condition.

A letter grade or a grade of pass must be awarded only if, in the opinion of the faculty member teaching the course, the student has completed sufficient work and has demonstrated sufficient progress toward meeting course requirements to justify the grade. If in the instructor's judgment the student has completed sufficient course work to earn a grade of C or better, the student may be given credit for completion of a course.

Military service members or veterans with a service connected disability covered by this procedure shall be eligible to receive a refund of amounts paid for room, board, and fees attributable to the time period during which the student was serving in active military service or receiving medical treatment or dealing with the person's medical condition and did not use the facilities or services for which the amounts were paid. Any refund of room, board, and fees is subject to the requirements of the state or federal financial aid programs of origination.

If the student chooses to withdraw, the student shall be readmitted and reenrolled as a student at the postsecondary education institution, without penalty or redetermination of admission eligibility, within two years following release from the state or federal active military service or following completion of medical treatment or sufficient recovery from the person's medical condition.