Minor in Juvenile Justice {17-18}

Minor in Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice minor serves as one of the only juvenile justice minor programs in the United States. Students interested in working with juveniles through the courts, probation, and correctional facilities will benefit from this minor, as they will explore the juvenile justice system and delinquency through a cross-disciplinary approach. Although the minor is open to all MSUM students, sociology, criminal justice, education and social work majors may find the minor particularly useful in working with adolescents, as they will learn prevention and intervention strategies for dealing with at-risk youth and juvenile delinquents. 22 credits.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of the similarities and differences between the adult and juvenile justice systems in the United States.
  • Gain knowledge of law enforcement, court practices, and correctional policies related to juveniles.
  • Critically analyze various theoretical perspectives of juvenile delinquency and adolescent development.
  • Be better equipped to work with juveniles and the juvenile justice system

Core Requirements ( 10 credits )

CJ 201 Introduction to Juvenile Justice (3)
CJ 301/SOC 301 Delinquent Behavior (3)
CJ 200 Introduction to Criminal Justice (4)

Restricted Electives ( 12 credits )

Twelve credits of electives from the following list.

CJ 306 Gangs (3)
SW 402 Child Welfare (3)
SW 411 Chemical Dependency (3)
SW 499 Grant Writing (3)
PSY 275 Behavior Modification (3)
PSY 317 Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (3)
PSY 402 Child/Adolescent Psychology (3)
PSY 417 Child Psychopathology (3)