Middle School Science Optional Licensure

Middle School Science Licensure (5-8)

Completion of this program allows the student to apply for a Minnesota grades 5-8 general science teaching license. This license is not a stand-alone license but may be added to any existing teaching license as per the Board of Teaching regulations.

Core Requirements

CHEM 150/CHEM 150L General Chemistry I & Lab (4)
CHEM 210/CHEM 210L General Chemistry II & Lab (4)
PHYS 160 Physics I with Algebra & Lab (4) OR PHYS 200 Physics I with Calculus & Lab (4)
PHYS 161 Physics II with Algebra & Lab (4) OR PHYS 201 Physics II with Calculus & Lab (4)
BIOL 111/BIOL 111L Cell Biology & Lab (4)
BIOL 115/BIOL 115L Organismal Biology & Lab (4)
GEOS 115/GEOS 115L Physical Geology & Lab (4)
GEOS 116 Historical Geology (3)
GEOS 360 Planetary Science (3)
BIOL 440/CHEM 440/PHYS 440 Secondary Science Teaching Methods (3)
ED 460M Middle Level Student Teaching (4)
ED 448 Reading Study Skills in the Content Areas (3)