B.A. Degree in Film Production {17-18}

B.A. Degree in Film Production

The Film Production major is designated for students who wish to work in some aspect of the film industry as well as those who are interested in the academic study of film. Classes incorporate the traditional format of film and new digital technologies into the curriculum. The Film Production major gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in cinematography, picture and sound editing, directing, producing and screenwriting. To receive the B.A. Degree in Film Production, the student must meet the minimum university requirements and specific requirements for the program. Completion of 120 credits is required for this degree which includes the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core (42 credits).

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will utilize three phases (preproduction/production/postproduction) of production preparation in the creation of film and video projects.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of film history, production aesthetics and theory.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic filmmaking practices and techniques. These include: specialized language use, cinematography principles, lighting and sound elements, editing and directing concepts.
  • Students will examine, analyze, and articulate conclusions as to the historical/critical values inherent in film text materials.
  • Students will integrate evaluation, theory and production/research skills in the creation of a capstone project for public presentation.

Program Delivery Mode
Land plus: face-to-face where some online courses may be available or required

Core Requirements ( 38 credits )

ENGL 285 Scriptwriting (3)
FILM 100 Tech Training: Video Production (1)
FILM 101A Practicum (1)
FILM 172 Video Production (3)
FILM 200 Tech Training: Beginning Filmmaking (1)
FILM 280 History of Film (3)
FILM 280S Studio in Film History (1)
FILM 281 Film Appreciation (3)
FILM 281S Studio in Film Appreciation (1)
FILM 284 Beginning Filmmaking (3)
FILM 384 Techniques of Film Directing (4)
FILM 386 Genre Studies (3) or
FILM 387 Director Studies (3) or
FILM 388 Topical Studies (3)
FILM 400 Tech Training: Intermediate Filmmaking (1)
FILM 480 Film Theory and Criticism (3)
FILM 484 Intermediate Filmmaking (3)
FILM 492A Senior Seminar Project Development (1) *was FILM 402
FILM 492B Senior Seminar (3) *was FILM 496

Designated Writing Intensive Course for Major
FILM 480 - Film Theory and Criticism

Restricted Electives ( 13 credits )

Students must complete at least 13 credits and must include one Film course.

ART 170 Art Appreciation: Content and Form (3)
ART 233 Global Art History I (3)
ART 234 Global Art History II (3)
ENGL 288 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
ENGL 388 Creative Writing (3)
FILM 290 Topics in Film (1-3)
FILM 371 History of LGBT Representation in Film (3)
FILM 372 Editing Techniques (3)
FILM 375 Animation Techniques (3)
FILM 378 Techniques of Producing (3)
FILM 383 Adaptations to Film (3)
FILM 385 Survey of International Cinema (3)
FILM 385S Studio in International Cinema (1)
FILM 386 Genre Studies (3)
FILM 387 Director Studies (3)
FILM 388 Topical Studies (1-3)
FILM 390 Topics in Film (1-3)
FILM 416 Special Projects in Film (1-3)
FILM 469 Internship (1-12)
FILM 472 Advanced Video Production (3)
FILM 490 Topics in Film (1-3)
ANIM 216 3D Modeling (3)
ANIM 316 3D Animation (3)
ANIM 416 Animation Studio (3)
COMM 230 Photography (3) or
ART 203F Introduction to Photography (4) 
COMM 251 Video Production for Ad, News, and PR (3)
PHIL 320 Philosophy of the Arts (3) or
ART 320 Philosophy of the Arts (3)
THTR 230 Acting I: Principles (3)
THTR 232 Principles of Makeup for Stage and Film (2)
THTR 235 Directing I: Principles (3)
THTR 255 Stagecraft (3)
THTR 322 Drama II (3)