Minor in Media Arts {17-18}

Minor in Media Arts

Students learn an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary arts, digital and emerging media technologies within the context of the theory and practice of our disciplines and a liberal arts education. Students explore a range of tools, software and arts disciplines as a means to enable expansive experimentation and innovative creative research. Students begin by building theory, knowledge and foundational skills in various areas of study, including film, computer graphics, web media, technical theatre design, and the recording arts. Students are then challenged to synthesize theory and practice through collaborative inquiry to produce an interdisciplinary capstone project. 25 credits and must receive permission to declare minor.

Core Requirements ( 19 credits )

Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 in all Media Arts coursework.

ART 125 Foundation Design I (4)
FILM 100 Technical Training: Video Production (1)
FILM 172 Video Production (3)
ANIM 216 3D Modeling (3) or
GCOM 255 Beginning Computer Graphics (3) or
GCOM 266 Introduction to Multimedia (3)
MART 100 Foundations in Media Arts (1)
MART 492 Capstone Project in Media Arts (1) *was MART 400
EIT 181 Audio Technology Theory (3) *was MUS 184
THTR 255 Stagecraft (3)

Restricted Electives ( 6-9 credits )

Students must take three of the following courses, which must be outside the student's major rubric. No more than two courses can be from any single discipline. (6-9 variable credits)

GDES 203 Introduction to Graphic Design (4)
ART 203F Introduction to Photography (4)
GDES 303 Typography (4)
ART 303F Photography Studio (4)
FILM 180 Understanding Movies (3)
FILM 200 Technical Training: Beginning Filmmaking (1) and
FILM 284 Beginning Filmmaking (3)
FILM 290 Topics in Film (1-3)
FILM 390 Topics in Film (1-3)
ANIM 316 3D Animation (3)
GCOM 355 Intermediate Computer Graphics (3)
GCOM 366 Dreamweaver/CSS (3)
EIT 261 Legal and Ethical Issues in Entertainment (3) *was MUS 266
EIT 281 Studio and Live Productions (2) *was MUS 281
THTR 234 Theatrical Design Principles (3)