B.S. Degree in Project Management {17-18}

B.S. Degree in Project Management

This major is designed for individuals who like to lead projects, get things done, and make an impact with their work. Project managers are needed in all industries and across all professions. It is a degree designed to be flexible and allows you to take up to 30 credits in your area of interest and transfer in your 2-year AS or AAS degree. It is also a great fit for AA transfers. The degree can be paired with an area of emphasis, a minor or even a double major. Project management is a particularly great fit for business, marketing, computer science, human resources, and medical professionals. Project managers are equipped to deal with a wide variety of different problems and provide solutions in most professional's fields, making their skill set highly demanded by workforce. The degree is designed to guide students to become effective project managers, equipped with technical skills and leadership skills necessary to deliver successful projects in their area of passion. A project management education coordinates the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) areas with a student's area of emphasis, minor, double major, or transfer degree. The degree was built on one fundamental principle - regardless of industry, regardless of discipline or job title, everyone needs to get things done. Students who successfully complete the required project management courses offered in this program are eligible to also earn and have MSUM pay for the globally recognized CAPM certification.

Student Learning Outcomes

Project Management General Learning Outcomes

Technical Expertise

  • Understand the fundamentals of the PMBOK knowledge areas, process groups and tools in projects to meet the competitive needs of global, regional and local businesses.
  • Examine and define process improvement theories and applications in a project context.

Behavior Expertise

  • Assess and create positive personal and ethical leadership, communication and team management skills, and apply to stakeholder engagement and project teams globally.

Strategic Awareness

  • Assess the strategic, business, cultural and operational drivers required to inform decisions and deliver sustained competitive advantage in the project management context.
  • Apply the fundamentals of the project management interdisciplinary degree to enhance job opportunities and career advancement.

Project Management Student Learning Outcomes

Technical Expertise

  • Create project management plans using appropriate techniques and tools per the PMBOK Guide.
  • Examine the five project development process groups and knowledge areas within the PMBOK Guide.
  • Prioritize project needs with regard to scope, resources, cost, schedules, procurement, and risks.
  • Identify tools, principles, and techniques of continuous process improvement.
  • Create a proactive risk management and quality plan and develop contingency plans.

Behavioral Behavior

  • Examine the fundamentals of effective communication, team management, and leadership skills with a project team and stakeholders.
  • Assess ethical and personal leadership style and apply to the needs of the project team and stakeholders.

Strategic Behavior

  • Discover how project managers align organizational strategy, culture and operational drivers to inform decisions to satisfy project requirements.
  • Apply fundamental business, lean and quality processes to the multidisciplinary, industry and global project environment.
  • Explain management and integration of organizational programs and project portfolios.

Program Delivery Mode
Online Plus: offered entirely online with face-to-face options available for some/all sections

Core Requirements ( 45 credits )

ACCT 230 Principles of Accounting I (3)
ENGL 387 Technical Report Writing (3)
FINC 340 Financial Management (3)
MGMT 260 Principles of Management (3) *was MGMT 360
MGMT 370 Management Information Systems (3)
MGMT 456 Project Management in Business (3)
MKTG 270 Principles of Marketing (3) *was MKTG 310
OM 380 Methods Improvements (3)
OM 395 Computer Applications for Technologists (3) *was OM 394
OM 482 Quality Management (3)
OM 483 Cost Analysis (3)
PMGT 300 Project Management and Scheduling (3)
PMGT 385 Process Leadership (3)
PMGT 400 Advanced Project Management, Risk and Liability (3)
PMGT 492 Project Management Capstone (3) *was PMGT 496

Designated Writing Intensive Course for Major
ENGL 387 - Technical Report Writing OR PMGT 385 - Process Leadership

Related Requirements ( 9 credits )

MATH 127 College Algebra (3)
MATH 234 Probability and Statistics (3)
ECON 202 Microeconomics (3)