Minor in Operations Management {17-18}

Minor in Operations Management

The Operations Management minor will provide students the opportunity to enhance their major with knowledge in operational design and control, including forecasting, planning and quality assurance. The Operations Management minor can position graduates for positions in areas such as logistics, quality assurance, process improvement, inventory, project management, and more. The minor is a cross-disciplinary and fits with majors from business, project management, computer science, management, marketing, accounting, finance, and many more.

Student Learning Outcomes

Production and Inventory Management
The graduate will understand the varied needs for inventory, technology and human resources in different production environments, the effect of inventory on business performance, different techniques for scheduling materials, workers, machinery, and space, and the Theory of Constraints and its usage for production scheduling.

Total Quality Management
The graduate will understand the implication of TQM on the local and national economy, methods and procedures for planning, organizing and controlling for quality, statistical methods for quality control, and the application of quality tools and techniques for designing products and services.

Economics and Cost Estimating
The graduate will be able to demonstrate skills for determining the cost advantage of different processes, and performing cost estimates.  The student will also understand and be able to document the costs and benefits associated with production concepts such as Just-In-Time and Total Quality Management.

Core Requirements ( 15 credits )

OM 380 Methods Improvement (3) 

OM 393 Occupational Safety and Health (3)

OM 482 Quality Management (3)

OM 483 Cost Analysis (3)
OM 485
Production Inventory Management (3)

Restricted Electives ( 3 credits )

Must choose one elective course for 3 credits
MGMT 260 Principles of Management (3)
MGMT 371 Introduction to Business Analytics (3)
MGMT 380 Operations Management (3)
PMGT 300 Project Management and Scheduling (3)
PMGT 385 Process Leadership (3)
OM 395 Computer Applications for Technologists (3)