English Department
Weld Hall 216, (218) 477-2235
Michael McCord
Faculty: Kevin Carollo, Sheila Coghill, Alan Davis, Tim Decker, Lin Enger, Laura Fasick, Jill Frederick, Yahya Frederickson, Stephen Hamrick, Susan Imbarrato, Elizabeth Kirchoff, Katherine Meiners, Liz Rowse, Sharon Scapple, Thomas Tammaro, Kevin Zepper, Richard Zinober.

The Department of English offers majors in English, English and Mass Communications, and Communication Arts and Literature Education. Areas of emphasis are in Literature, Writing, and Integrated English & Publishing. Minors offered are in English and English writing. Certificates offered are in Professional Writing and Publishing.

Requirements for majors, dual majors, and minors in English are set forth in detail below. Anyone who wishes to major or minor in English must see the chairperson and be assigned an advisor. Because of the significant number of electives permitted, English majors and minors must consult their advisors each semester to plan programs which are both academically acceptable and personally satisfying. Students who wish to set up individualized majors including English courses (for instance, Comparative Literature or language studies) should consult the chair. English 300, Introduction to Literary Studies, is a prerequisite to all core courses.

The B.A. and B.S. (teaching) programs presently have similar core requirements; but among the other differences, the B.S. program includes coursework prescribed by the Minnesota State Board of Education for a teaching major in English on the secondary level.

Students intending to pursue graduate study are advised to take more than the minimum number of 300 and 400-level courses. They are also advised to make themselves proficient in at least one foreign language.

Only English courses in which a student has earned “C-” or higher will be accepted to fulfill requirements within the major.

All majors will take one designated Capstone seminar, preferably in their senior year, which serves as a culminating course for their academic study in English. Literature majors will take English 496. Writing majors and students in Integrated English & Publishing may use an English 487 or 488 seminar as their Capstone seminar. English Education majors take English 491. All students should consult with their advisors for help in selecting an appropriate Capstone course.

Certificate in Publishing
The purpose of the Certificate in Publishing is to prepare students to work within the unique framework of the publishing industry, and to design and deliver an educational experience that allows students to learn about acquiring, editing, publishing and promoting new literature. As students at MSUM and as interns associated with New Rivers Press at MSUM, completing the certificate would develop a set of skills that will qualify a student for entry level employment in the publishing industry.

Certificate in Professional Writing
The Certificate in Professional Writing provides the opportunity for students, professionals, and business people to enhance their communication skills and credentials with a special emphasis on coursework tailored to their work settings and careers. The Certificate in Professional Writing is designed for students pursuing or holding a bachelor's degree from MSUM or an equivalent university.