Certificate in Publishing {17-18}

Certificate in Publishing

As a joint venture among the Departments of English and the School of Communication and Journalism, the goal of the Certificate in Publishing is to introduce students to the publishing industry through writing and editing experiences.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the principles of constructing a text designed for publication.
  • Copy-edit texts in accordance to the standards employed in the publishing industry.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively as a member of a publications team.
  • Demonstrate entry-level professional competency through the successful completion of the practicum in publishing afforded through the required curriculum.

Program Delivery Mode
Land plus: face-to-face where some online courses may be available or required

Core Requirements ( 6 credits )

Students must complete at least 3 credits of practicum.

COMM 402 Introduction to Publishing (3)
COMM 462 Practicum in Publishing (3)

Restricted Electives ( 6 credits )

Students must complete at least 6 credits chosen from the following list of electives:

ENGL 288 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
ENGL 388 Creative Writing (3) *Must take pre-req ENGL 288
ENGL 488 Advanced Creative Writing (3) *Must take pre-req ENGL 388
ENGL 490 Special Topics (1-3)
ENGL 486 Tutorial (1-3)
COMM 307 Writing for Public Relations (3)
COMM 309 Reporting (3)
COMM 321 Copy Editing (3)
COMM 327 Editing Public Relations Copy (3)
COMM 381 Sports Information & the Media (3)
COMM 390 Special Topics (3)
COMM 405 Writing for the Web (3)
COMM 406 Feature Writing (3)
COMM 407 Magazine Writing (3)
COMM 469 Internship (1-6)
COMM 490 Special Topics (3)
COMM 497 Individual Study (1-3)