Certificate in Musical Theatre {17-18}

Certificate in Musical Theatre

The Certificate in Musical Theatre is designed for students in Music Education preparing for teaching careers. The program allows students to receive additional training in Musical Theatre, to enhance their music education training, and prepare for ancillary duties often required in secondary school teaching.

Student Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate knowledge of and experience in basic acting techniques, theatre vocabulary, dramatic works as theatrical production, and basic dance movements.

Program Delivery Mode
Land plus: face-to-face where some online courses may be available or required

Core Requirements ( 13 credits )

THTR 102 Theatre Activity (1) MUST BE TAKEN TWICE
THTR 140 Dance for the Stage I (2)
THTR 221 Drama I (3)
THTR 230 Acting I: Principles (3)
THTR 430 Acting Styles: Acting for Musical Theatre (3)