Minor in Commercial Music {17-18}

Minor in Commercial Music

A program designed for focused study in the areas of performing, composing, and arranging music in commercial and jazz styles.

Admission Requirements

Students choosing the minor in Commercial Music must have as their major instrument one of the following; piano, guitar, bass, drum set/percussion, trumpet, trombone, or woodwinds with the primary woodwind instrument being the saxophone.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop performance skills specific to the commercial and jazz genres.
  • Students will develop composition and arranging/orchestration skills specific to the commercial and jazz genres.

Core Requirements ( 17 credits )

MUS 107A Music Theory I (3)
MUS 107B Aural Skills I (1)
MUS 287 Commercial/Jazz Theory (3)
MUS 387 Commercial/Jazz Improvisation (3)
MUS 372 Commercial/Jazz Arranging (3)
MUS 15* or 25* Private Lessons (4) *must repeat for 4 credits

Restricted Electives ( 5 credits )

Five (5) credits to be chosen from:

MUS 370 Composition (2)
MUS 373 The Art and Craft of Popular Songwriting (3)
MUS 328 Musical Ensembles (1) *can be repeated