University Studies

University Studies
Academic Support Center Flora Frick 154
Contact: Drew Espeseth 218-477-4727

The Bachelor of Science in University Studies is intended as an option for the following students:

  • A student who wishes to complete a generalist degree, or
  • A student who has completed most but not all of the requirements of a major or has been unable to complete a degree in a timely manner.

The major must include the following: 36 credits of a partial major program or rubric (no more than 30 credits from the areas of Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing may be included in the partial major program or rubric), 21 additional credits from a single different rubric or area of concentration, and a 2.0 GPA in both segments. This major may be declared as late as the semester prior to graduation, but not before the student has attained junior standing.