Minor in Gerontology {19-20}

Minor in Gerontology

Gerontology Minor - 25 credits

Core Requirements ( 16 credits )

Courses at Concordia or NDSU may be taken through the Tri-College University and substituted for SOC 308 and PSY 403. Please consult with the Gerontology Program Coordinator prior to attempting such substitution.

HSAD 401 Health Aspects of Aging (3)
PARA 416 Elder Law (3)
SOC 308 Social Gerontology (3)
PSY 403 Adulthood and Aging (3)
SOC 410 Gerontology: Policy and Practice (4)

Restricted Electives ( 9 credits )

Students must take nine elective credits from those listed below. Concordia and NDSU offer courses which may also be used as electives in the Gerontology minor. Students should consult with the Gerontology Major Coordinator prior to making such substitutions.

SOC 375 Sociology of Health and Medicine (3)
PSY 317 Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (3)
SW 411 Chemical Dependency (3)
HLTH 305 Introduction to Nutrition (3)
PARA 470 Government Benefits (3)