Minor in Project Management {19-20}

Minor in Project Management

A minor in project management compliments just about any degree and the students learn valuable skills in meeting deadlines, managing stakeholders, understanding risk, and creating business cases and scope documents. Gain a competitive edge over someone in your discipline who has a degree and show your employer you can create results. The student will be eligible to earn the globally recognized PMI CAPM certification.

Core Requirements ( 21 credits )

PMGT 300 Project Management and Scheduling (3)
PMGT 385 Process Leadership (3)
MGMT 260 Principles of Management (3)
OM 395 Computer Applications for Technologists (3)
PMGT 400 Agile Project Management (3)
MGMT 456/PMGT 456 Project Management in Business (3)
PMGT 492 Project Management Capstone (3)