Economics, Law and Politics

The Department of Economics, Law and Politics offers majors in Economics, International Studies, Paralegal, and Political Science. Minors are offered in Economics, Political Science, and Pre-Law.

Co-Chairs for the Economics, Law and Politics Department: Tracy Gompf and Paul Kramer

MacLean Hall 380, (218) 477-2842
Chair of Economics, Law and Politics: Paul Kramer
Faculty: Steven Bolduc, Oscar Flores-Ibarra, Tonya Jo Hansen, Gregory Stutes

The major and minor programs in economics offer a set of required and elective courses designed to develop students’ abilities for analyzing complex choices in a rapidly changing world. Two emphases within the major in economics, a traditional liberal arts program and business economics are available. Both prepare students for careers in finance, private business, education and government.

Political Science
MacLean Hall 380, (218) 477-2842
Faculty: Philip Baumann, Barbara Headrick, Paul Kramer

The ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, indicated that among all areas of human inquiry, political science is the "master science". Not only is the study of politics challenging, rewarding, and important, but it often leads to careers in foreign and domestic government service, higher education and the practice of law.

International Studies
MacLean Hall 380, (218) 477-2842
Faculty: A variety of faculty from different disciplines teach this interdisciplinary major.

The International Studies major is designed around a core of required international topics across the curriculum at the lower division combined with upper level specialties in a variety of disciplines including political science, anthropology, geosciences, history, economics and philosophy.

This program is ideal for those who wish to develop a career involving various kinds of international relations such as careers with the Foreign Service, non-governmental agencies, international organizations such as the U.N., IMF, NATO, EU, or working in international trade for multinational companies. It is also excellent preparation for participation in international volunteer organizations such as the Peace Corps and non-governmental organizations (NGO's).

MacLean Hall 380, (218) 477-2842
Program Coordinator:
Tracy Gompf
Faculty: Jean Hannig, Deborah Schaefer Kukowski

The Paralegal major is a professional four-year Bachelor of Science degree. The major is guided by an advisory group composed of university and community members. To complete the major, students must meet the requirements of the core, satisfy at least one of the two areas of emphasis, and complete at least six credits from the other area of emphasis. To receive the Bachelor of Science degree in Paralegal, students must attain a minimum GPA of 2.25 in courses required to complete the Paralegal major.

***Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except where authorized by law.