Minor in Astronomy {19-20}

Minor in Astronomy

The Minor in Astronomy is designed for students who have an interest in observational astronomy and earth sciences. A student pursuing a Minor in Astronomy must have a solid mathematical foundation in algebra and trigonometry and will complete an additional 22-24 credits.

Core Requirements ( 14 credits )

Students must take two of the following three courses:

AST 102 Solar System Astronomy (3)
AST 104 Stellar Astronomy (3)
AST 324 Life and Death in the Universe (3)

Must take College Physics I and II or General Physics I and II.

PHYS 160 and PHYS 161 College Physics I and II w/lab OR
PHYS 200 and PHYS 201 General Physics I and II w/lab

Restricted Electives ( 8-10 credits )

Depending on elective choices, student will earn eight to ten credits in this area.

AST 360 Planetary Science (3)
AST 361 Stellar Astrophysics (3)
AST 362 Galactic and Extragalactic Astrophysics (3)
AST 365 Cosmology (3)
AST 366 Observational Astronomy (3)
AST 390 Projects in Advanced Astronomy (1-3)
GEOS 115 Physical Geology (4)