Minor in Human Resources: Non-Business majors {20-21}

Minor in Human Resources: Non-Business majors

This minor is intended to enhance career opportunities for students pursuing a career in Human Resource Management. The cross-discipline nature of this Minor makes it ideal for students with majors outside of the Paseka School of Business to complete the program without adding an inordinate number of additional credits to their program. The combination of courses assures students will leave MSUM with Human Resource Management capabilities and knowledge that will enable them to successfully manage workers utilizing best practices whilst complying with the myriad of employment laws affecting these tasks.

Admission Requirements

This certificate is offered to students across disciplines at the university. There are prerequisites required for two of the courses but those are also offered to all university students.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • To provide students with an understanding of the basic human resource management functions including the strategic planning, acquisition, development and compensation of employees.
  • To provide students with an understanding of the legal requirements, challenges and compliance issues involved in the management of human resources within an organization.
  • To enable students to understand the challenges and nuances of impacting human behavior and development in an organizational setting.
  • To ensure students can appreciate and calculate human resource related metrics and to understand the impact of these metrics on organizational success.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to apply and/or explore various concepts and techniques utilized by human resource managers.

Core Requirements ( 6 credits )

MGMT 440 Human Resource Management (3)
POL 321 Employment Law (3)

Restricted Electives ( 9 credits )

Choose 3 courses, one from each of these three areas:

Area 1 (People)

COMM 211 Group & Team Communication (3)
COMM 317 Training & Development (3)
COMM 401 Organizational Communication (3)

Area 2 (Org’s)    

ECON 416 Labor Economics (3)
MGMT 451 Organizational Behavior (3)
MGMT 469 HR-Related Internship (1-12)
PSY 323 Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3)

Area 3 (Finances)    

MGMT 442 Compensation & Benefits (3)
MGMT 456 Project Management in Business (3)
OM 393 Occupational Safety & Health (3)
PMGT 300 Project Management & Scheduling (3)