Certificate of Academic English Proficiency {21-22}

Certificate of Academic English Proficiency

The Certificate of Academic English Proficiency recognizes non-native speakers of English who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge of English, literacy skills, and communication skills for academic purposes and recognizes that they are capable of engaging in higher academic study or professional activities in English.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of secondary school, verified by a transcript evaluation service if outside of U.S.
  • TOEFL composite score of 54 or higher on the iBT, or completion of the MSUM Certificate of Proficiency in International English
  • Financial Self-sufficiency Statement
  • US $20.00 application fee

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate advanced proficiency in English in all four language domains
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of English morphology and syntax
  • Apply knowledge of English to academic tasks in all four language domains, such as essay writing, public speaking, and close reading of discipline-specific texts
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills, independent learning abilities, and active learning strategies for college success
  • Develop familiarity with touchstones from a variety of American eras and sociocultural groups
  • Apply knowledge of touchstones from American sociocultural groups and history to academic tasks, such as reading literature, engaging in classroom discussions, or writing essays.

Program Delivery Mode
Land plus: face-to-face where some online courses may be available or required

Core Requirements ( 21 credits )

Skill/Content Area

Public Speaking
TEFL 101 Oral Presentations I (3) or
TEFL 201 Oral Presentations II (3) or
COMM 100 Speech Communication (3)

Lectures & Note-taking
TEFL 102 Lectures & Note-taking I (3) or
TEFL 202 Lectures & Note-taking II (3)

Academic Reading
TEFL 103 Academic Reading I (3) or
TEFL 203 Academic Reading II (3)

Academic Writing
TEFL 104 Academic Writing I (3) or
TEFL 204 Academic Writing II (3) or
ENGL 101 English Composition I (3) or
ENGL 201 English Composition II (3)

English Syntax
TEFL 105 Advanced English Syntax I (3) or
TEFL 205 Advanced English Syntax II (3)

English Morphology
TEFL 106 Vocabulary for Subject Studies I (3) or
TEFL 206 Vocabulary for Subject Studies II (3)

American Culture
TEFL 107 American Childhood Classics (3) or
TEFL 207 American Cultural Classics (3)