Minor in Entrepreneurship: Non-Business Majors {21-22}

Minor in Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Majors

The five-course Entrepreneurship Minor Program (15 credits) offers a top-level introduction to the fundamentals of management and entrepreneurship to those who own and run small to medium-sized businesses, as well as to managers responsible for innovation and new product or service development. The program helps individuals who are creating or building new businesses learn the essentials of business and venture initiation. Students will study finance, management and marketing essentials. Designed for non-business majors who have not formally studied business, this program emphasizes the application of classroom concepts to practical decision making in the workplace.

Core Requirements ( 15 credits )

ENTR 229 Start Your Own Business (3)
ENTR 230 Entrepreneurial Finance (3)
ENTR 231 Entrepreneurial Leadership and Organization (3)
ENTR 232 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3)
ENTR 309 Building a Workable Business Plan (3)