Investment Management Certificate {21-22}

Certificate in Investment Management

The Investment Management Certificate Program will consist of three courses taught within the School of Business department's Finance Major for a total of 9 credits.

Admission Requirements

FINC 340 Financial Management (3) or the permission of the instructor

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish among major assets that trade in money and capital markets.
  • Discuss capital market theory and the use of CAPM in security selection.
  • Describe the process of bond valuation and various measures of returns.
  • Discuss bond features and sensitivity of its price to interest rates.
  • Describe the top down approach to security analysis.
  • Describe the portfolio management process.
  • Prepare an Investment Policy Statement.
  • Describe the process of managing individual investor portfolios and institutional investor portfolios.
  • Evaluate equity and fixed-income portfolio management strategies.
  • Evaluate performance of a portfolio.
  • Examine the structure and characteristics of derivatives markets: options, forward, futures and swaps.
  • Apply option pricing models: the Binomial Model and the Black-Scholes Model.
  • Evaluate option price sensitivities.
  • Evaluate pricing of forwards, futures and swaps.
  • Evaluate alternative derivative strategies to manage risk.

Program Delivery Mode
Land plus: face-to-face where some online courses may be available or required

Core Requirements ( 9 credits )

FINC 360 Principles of Investment (3)
FINC 460 Portfolio Analysis and Management (3)
FINC 463 Futures and Options (3)