Certificate in Customer Relationship Management {21-22}

Customer Relationship Management Certificate

This certificate will provide students with a broad range of perspectives and background related to a career in CRM software consulting, CRM strategy consulting, CRM project management, or managing internal CRM initiatives in an organization. The certificate consists of three courses: Project Management, CRM Consulting, and Introduction to CRM Software.

Admission Requirements

Junior Standing

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply a project management methodology: define, plan, execute and close.
  • Assess project contributions to business strategy, purpose and plans.
  • Build the project team selection processes.
  • Create a preliminary business case for project.
  • Define and analyze project constraints and assumptions.
  • Define the fundamentals of a basic PM methodology.
  • Develop and assess a project plan in software that has baseline, resources, constraints, and budgets,
    including WBS and Gantt charts.
  • Develop plans to manage various stakeholders.
  • Explain the role of a PM in different industries.
  • Name the different career professions for PM's.
  • Recall basic project terminology.
  • Identify and explain the core, strategic areas of customer relationship management.
  • Demonstrate how to leverage CRM software tools to manage and analyze identified CRM strategies within a business or organization.
  • Explain how different types of customers impact an overall CRM strategy.
  • Utilize and demonstrate their ability to use the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care modules within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Be prepared to take the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application Exam if they choose.
  • Identify traits of an effective consultant
  • Identify and articulate customer and client needs
  • Identify, plan, and communicate solutions based upon customer and client needs
  • Define and explain the customer life-cycle
  • Demonstrate understanding of how customer engagement factors into the consulting process
  • Identify the traits of an engaged customer
  • Plan and execute upon customer engagement strategies
  • Synthesize real-life case studies of customer requirements and identify potential solutions.

Program Delivery Mode
Online Plus: offered entirely online with face-to-face options available for some/all sections

Core Requirements ( 9 credits )

Successful completion of the following courses:

PMGT 300 Project Management and Scheduling (3)
PMGT 401 Customer Relationship Management Consulting (3)
PMGT 301 Introduction to CRM (3)