B.A. Degree in Political Science {21-22}

B.A. Degree in Political Science

To receive the B.A. Degree in Political Science, the student must meet the minimum university requirements and specific requirements for the program. Completion of 120 credits is required for this degree which includes the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core (42 credits).

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students demonstrate familiarity with major concepts, institutions and theories in political science.
  • Students can apply knowledge of major concepts, institutions and theories in political science to political events and government policymaking.
  • Students demonstrate familiarity with the basic goals, means and critiques of political science research.
  • Students demonstrate effective writing skills.

Program Delivery Mode
Land plus: face-to-face where some online courses may be available or required

Core Requirements ( 24 credits )

POL 105 Making Sense of Politics (3)
POL 120 American National Government and Politics (3)
POL 160 International Relations (3)
POL 210 Introduction to Political Science (3)
POL 230 Introduction to the Law (3) or
POL 322 Executive/Legislative Process (3)
POL 310 Political Science Research Methods (3)
POL 340 Public Administration (3) or
POL 341 Public Policy (3)
POL 349 Great Power Politics (3) or
POL 350 Comparative Governments of Western Europe (3) 

Designated Writing Intensive Course for Major
POL 349 or POL 350 (Listed in Core Requirements)

Electives ( 18 credits )

Students must take sufficient electives in Political Science courses to bring the total Political Science credits to 42.