Psychology Department
Bridges Hall 360, (218) 477-2802
Christine Malone
Faculty: Rochelle Bergstrom, Mary Dosch, Chad Duncan, Sarah Edwards, Jared Ladbury, Lindsey Leker, Margaret Potter, Lisa Stewart

The Psychology Department offers an undergraduate major and minors in neuroscience and art therapy. An important aspect of the psychology major is the science/research orientation built into the curriculum with a three-course sequence consisting of 1) Psy 230 + 230L Stats for the Behavioral Sciences, 2) Psy 330 Experimental Methods, and 3) Psy 492 Seminar in Psychology. These three courses must be taken in order during separate semesters. The major also involves 18 elective credits, enabling students to explore areas emphasizing preparation for graduate school or for work in the profession at the bachelor’s degree level. Math 127 College Algebra or an equivalent for LASC Goal 4 is recommended prior to taking Psy 230 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences.