Minor in Entertainment Business {21-22}

Minor in Entertainment Business

A study of the entertainment industry including topics in business, legal, and technology associated with careers in specific areas within the entertainment industry.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to synthesize key topics within their chosen degree program to fit within specific business areas in the entertainment industry.
  • Students will have the skills necessary to adapt to the rapidly changing professional environment in the entertainment industry.

Core Requirements ( 19 credits )

EIT 160 Intro to the Entertainment Industry (1)
EIT 161 Intro to Copyright and Trademark (3)
EIT 261 Legal and Ethical Issues in Entertainment (3)
EIT 461 Entertainment Entrepreneurship (3)

Choose ONE of the following sequences


ENTR 229 Start Your Own Business (3)
ENTR 232 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3)
ENTR 309 Building a Workable Business Plan (3)


POL 251 Legal Research and Writing (WI) (3)
POL 321 Employment Law (3)
POL 350 Contract Law and Drafting (3)


COMM 301 Business and Professional Communication (3)
COMM 383 Event Planning (3)
COMM 351 Messaging for Mobile (3)