Certificate in Kodaly {21-22}

Graduate Certificate in Kodaly

The Summer Kodály Institute is a graduate-level program designed for qualified educators and supervisors at every level of musical instruction from elementary, junior and senior high school through college and university. To achieve a Graduate Certificate in Kodály, participants must complete all three sequential courses in the program. The courses are taught by an exceptional and passionate group of certified Kodály instructors in a friendly, supportive, and educationally-focused environment.
The Kodály philosophy of music education is a sequential, child developmental program based on folk songs and art music. The concept is an experience-based approach to teaching that leads to literacy through the development of basic musical skills and musicianship by reading, writing and performing music. Participants will peer teach, perform in an ensemble, conduct, expand repertoire materials and improve personal musicianship.
The MSUM Institute is one of only 25 OAKE-endorsed programs in the United States.

Admission Requirements

Information on the program can be found on the Kodaly Webpage.

Program Delivery Mode
Land plus: face-to-face where some online courses may be available or required

Program Requirements

MUS 634 Kodaly Method for Training Teachers Level I (3)
MUS 635 Kodaly Method for Training Teachers Level II (3)
MUS 636 Kodaly Method for Training Teachers Level III (3)