Certificate in Biology {21-22}

Biology Graduate Certificate

The Higher Learning Commission requires that teachers who wish to teach college-level biology courses to high school students for college credit have at least 18 credits of masters level biology content. The Masters Level Biology Content Certificate is proof that a student has met this HLC standard. To receive this certificate a student must complete a minimum of 18 credits of masters level biology. This certificate can be earned completely online.

Admission Requirements

Information on admission requirements can be found on the Graduate Studies webpage.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding and synthesis of advanced concepts in the biological sciences.
  • Frame arguments in reference to the established primary literature.
  • Practice quantitative reasoning and draw conclusions from statistical inference.
  • Relate ideas of the biological sciences to everyday society.
  • Read and evaluate biological ideas critically.

Program Delivery Mode
Online Exclusive: must be completed entirely online; no face-to-face options available

Core Requirements ( 18 credits )

Students must complete at least 18 credits of coursework from the following list:

BIOL 500 Biochemistry I (3)
BIOL 510 Biochemistry II (3)
BIOL 590 Topics in Biology (3)
BIOL 610 Quantitative Methods in Behavioral Ecology (3)
BIOL 611 Molecular Biology and Bioethics (3)
BIOL 612 Clinical Anatomy (3)
BIOL 613 Evolutionary Developmental Biology (3)
BIOL 614 Plant Evolution (3)
BIOL 615 Principles of Infectious Disease (3)
BIOL 616 Biomedical Imaging and Therapies (3)