Middle School Science Optional Licensure {23-24}

Middle School Science Licensure (5-8)

Completion of this program allows the student to apply for a Minnesota grades 5-8 general science teaching license. This license is not a stand-alone license but may be added to any existing teaching license as per the Board of Teaching regulations.

Program Delivery Mode
Land plus: face-to-face where some online courses may be available or required

Core Requirements ( 45 credits )

CHEM 150/CHEM 150L General Chemistry I & Lab (4)
CHEM 210/CHEM 210L General Chemistry II & Lab (4)
PHYS 160 Physics I with Algebra & Lab (4) OR PHYS 200 Physics I with Calculus & Lab (4)
PHYS 161 Physics II with Algebra & Lab (4) OR PHYS 201 Physics II with Calculus & Lab (4)
BIOL 111/BIOL 111L Cell Biology & Lab (4)
BIOL 115/BIOL 115L Organismal Biology & Lab (4)
GEOS 109 Process and History of a Dynamic Planet (3) and
GEOS 109L Introductory Geology Lab (1)
GEOS 116 Historical Geology (3)
GEOS 360 Planetary Science (3)
BIOL 440/CHEM 440/PHYS 440 Secondary Science Teaching Methods (3)
ED 350M Middle Level Field Experience (1)
ED 460M Middle Level Student Teaching (4)
ED 448 Reading Study Skills in the Content Areas (3) OR STL 495 Literacy Methods II (3)