BA Degree in Environmental Geology {23-24}

B.A. Degree in Environmental Geology

Environmental Geology provides students with an opportunity to understand the physical systems and processes of the earth, including processes that have shaped its past and those that will shape its future, with a particular emphasis on those aspects of rock, water, air, soil, and life where humans and the earth interact. This degree provides a broad and general preparation in geology, focused especially on areas of environmental geology such as hydrology, geochemistry, paleoecology, and earth systems science. Completion of 120 credits is required for graduation with this degree which includes the Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of concepts and principles of geosciences as they apply to interpreting Earth processes past and present.
  • Ability to apply concepts and principles of geosciences to interpreting, predicting, or mitigating problems or challenges related to human activities and the earth.
  • Competency in laboratory and field skills, including the ability to conduct a scientific investigation.
  • Ability to communicate arguments and ideas in written and oral form to a variety of audiences with varied science backgrounds.

Program Delivery Mode
Land plus: face-to-face where some online courses may be available or required

Core Requirements ( 40 credits )

GEOS 109 Processes & History of a Dynamic Planet (3)
GEOS 109L Introductory Geology Lab (1)
GEOS 110 Water, Land, and People: An Introduction to Physical Geography (3)
GEOS 110L Water, Land, and People: An Introduction to Physical Geography Lab (1)
GEOS 209L Problems in Introductory Geology (2)
GEOS 211L Problems in Water, Land, and People (2)
GEOS 303/GEOS 303L Mineralogy and Petrology w/Lab (3)
GEOS 304L Problems in Mineralogy and Petrology (2)
GEOS 315 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (3)
GEOS 340 Economic and Environmental Geology (3)
GEOS 345 Principles of Geomorphology and Hydrology (3)
GEOS 370 Structural Geology and Mapping (3)
GEOS 415 Reading Geochemical Fingerprints (3)
GEOS 416 Paleontology (3)
GEOS 417L Problems in Geochemistry (2)
GEOS 492 Senior Seminar and Research Capstone (3) WI for major

Designated Writing Intensive Course for Major
GEOS 492 Senior Seminar and Research Capstone (includes 3 hours/week research)

Program Requirements

In addition to course requirements, students are expected to participate in the interdisciplinary seminar series related to environment and society and/or the Anthropology and Earth Science seminar series, and to complete a research or internship experience.

Related Requirements ( 12 credits )

MATH 261 Calculus (4)
CHEM 150 General Chemistry I (3)
CHEM 150L General Chemistry I Lab (1)
BIOL 115/115L Organismal Biology w/Lab (4)

Restricted Electives ( 12 credits )

Students must choose one of the environmental breadth-and-depth course-package options listed below for 12 credits.

Water Science Option
CHEM 210 General Chemistry II (3)
CHEM 210L General Chemistry II Lab (1)
CHEM 380 Analytical Chemistry I (4)
BIOL 372 Aquatic Biology (4)

Sustainability Option
PSCI 378 Energy and the Environment (3)
SUST 200 Nature of Sustainability (3)
SUST 421 Systems Thinking (3)
SUST 432 Environmental Dilemmas (3)

Cultural Ecology Option
ANTH 307 Ecological Anthropology (3)
ANTH 311 American Indians and the Environment (3)
ANTH 317 Collapse (3)
GEOS 111 Cultures and Regions (3)

Environmental Geography Option
GEOS 305 Oceanography (3)
GEOS 330 Elementary Meteorology (3)
GEOS 320 Economic Geography (3)
GEOS 335 Environmental Geography and Conservation (3)

Archaeological Resource Option
ANTH 115 Introduction to Archaeology (3)
ANTH 300 Contemporary Archaeology (3)
ANTH 301 Archaeological Prospection (3)
ANTH 329 The Uses of the Past (3)

Geographic Information Science option (GIS Certificate courses)
GEOS 205 Thinking Spatially (3)
GEOS 207 GPS Field Techniques (3)
GEOS 210 Cartography (3)
GEOS 307 Introduction to GIS (3)

Recommended Electives

The following are strongly recommended:

CHEM 210 General Chemistry II (3)
CHEM 210L General Chemistry II Lab (1)
PHYS 200 Physics I with Calculus & Lab (4)
PHYS 201 Physics II with Calculus & Lab (4)
GEOS 307 Introduction to GIS (3)
GEOS 301 Archaeological Prospection (3) (or other applied geophysics course)
MATH 262 Calculus II (4)

6-8 credits of summer field camp (from a school as recommended through advising)