Minor in Cultural Ecology {23-24}

Cultural Ecology Minor

Cultural ecology examines the interplay between culture and natural environment and provides a cultural perspective in understanding and addressing environmental issues.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to understand and examine the various cultural adaptations to the world’s environments.
  • An examination of the major human subsistence strategies within the world’s diverse ecological systems.
  • An examination of contemporary topics of environmental significance in today’s world.
  • Ability to articulate solutions to environmental problems.

Core Requirements ( 15 credits )

ANTH 307 Ecological Anthropology (3)
ANTH 311 American Indians and the Environment (3)
ANTH 317 Collapse (3)
GEOS 111 Cultures and Regions (3)
GEOS 335 Environmental Geography and Conservation (3)

Restricted Electives ( 6 credits )

Six credits must be taken from the following:

ANTH 202 American Indian Cultures (3)
ANTH 313 Contemporary Africa (3)
ANTH 325 Reading Landscape (3)
GEOS 235 Geography of MN and ND (3)
PSY 324 Environmental Psychology (3)