BS Degree in Multimedia Journalism {23-24}

B.S. Degree in Multimedia Journalism

The major in Multimedia Journalism balances the breadth of the liberal arts and sciences curriculum with the depth of a professional curriculum in multimedia journalism, along with a choice of unrestricted electives to provide a well-rounded educational experience. Majors must complete 120 credits with a minimum of 40 credits at the 300-400 levels. Majors will complete LASC, 45 credits in the multimedia journalism program, and the remaining credits will be available as unrestricted electives. Internships, while not formally required, are strongly encouraged to gain additional insight into the journalism profession.

Student Learning Outcomes

In addition to the overarching learning outcomes stated, the nuanced learning outcomes of the multimedia journalism major are:

  • Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the principles of journalism.
  • Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the ethical standards of the journalism profession.
  • Investigate, write, report, digitally photograph and digitally edit video and still photographs, copy-edit, design and produce content that incorporates formatting for both online and off-line publications.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively as a member of a team.
  • Develop and publish an online publication that meets entry-level, industry standards.
  • Demonstrate entry-level professional competency through the successful completion of an internship or other professional field experience.

Program Delivery Mode
Land plus: face-to-face where some online courses may be available or required

Core Requirements ( 45 credits )

Students must take COMM 344 concurrently with either COMM 342 or COMM 343.

COMM 101 Introduction to Mass Media (3)
COMM 210 Media Writing (3)
COMM 220 Layout and Typography I (3)
COMM 230 Photography (3)
COMM 251 Video Production for Advertising, News, and Public Relations (3)
COMM 285 Intercultural Communication (3)
COMM 309 Reporting (3)
COMM 330 Photojournalism (3)
COMM 342 TV News Reporting (3) or
COMM 343 TV News Photography (3)
COMM 344 TV News Video Editing (3)
COMM 352 Social Media Campaigns (3)
COMM 400 Mass Media Ethics and Issues (3)
COMM 403 Communications Law (3)
COMM 406 Feature Writing (3)
COMM 420 Digital Storytelling (3)

Designated Writing Intensive Course for Major
COMM 309 Reporting (3)