Minor in Astronomy {23-24}

Minor in Astronomy

The Minor in Astronomy is designed for students who have an interest in observational astronomy and earth sciences. A student pursuing a Minor in Astronomy must have a solid mathematical foundation in algebra and trigonometry.

Core Requirements ( 6 credits )

AST 100 Introduction to a Universe of Astronomy (3)
AST 324 Life and Death in the Universe (3)

Restricted Electives ( 9-10 credits )

Students must take three courses from the following list:

AST 266 Observational Astronomy (3)
AST 360 Planetary Science (3)
AST 390 Projects in Advanced Astronomy (3)
AST 365 Cosmology (3)
AST 410 Astrophysics (3)
GEOS 109 Process and History of a Dynamic Planet (3) and
GEOS 109L Introductory Geology Lab (1)