Minor in Medical Physics {23-24}

Minor in Medical Physics

The Minor in Medical Physics is a program designed for students in biosciences, chemistry and related fields, who are looking for additional expertise in a branch of applied physics that utilizes physics concepts and methods in the diagnosis, treatment and improvement of human health. A student pursuing a Minor in Medical Physics must have a solid mathematical foundation in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus and will complete an additional 27 credits.

Core Requirements ( 27 credits )

PHYS 200 Physics I with Calculus & Lab (4)
PHYS 201 Physics II with Calculus & Lab (4)
PHYS 202 Introduction to 20th Century Physics (3)
PHYS 305 Experimental Physics I (3)
PHYS 315 Physics Seminar (1)
PHYS 322 Elementary Modern Physics (3)
PHYS 312 Analog Electronics (3)
PHYS 318 Biophysics and Medical Imaging (3)
PHYS 306 Experimental Physics II (3)