Minor in Neuroscience {23-24}

Neuroscience Minor

The neuroscience minor is designed to enable students in a variety of majors to explore the important and rapidly expanding field of neuroscience. The minor enhances students’ preparation for a variety of careers and/or graduate study in neuroscience and health-related professions. Students are engaged in the study of brain science, its intersection with cognition and behavior, and its many applications to solving real-world problems.

Admission Requirements

C- or higher in PSY 113 General Psychology

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history, key issues, questions, and perspectives that define neuroscience.
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of basic neuroanatomy and nervous system function on a molecular, cellular and systems level.
  • Describe major areas of neuroscience with a clear understanding of the main research approaches, techniques, topics, and applications to the workforce.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to formulate novel scientific questions and incorporate the appropriate analytical research methodologies to address them.
  • Communicate effectively about neuroscience in written and oral form.
  • Develop an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience, and articulate contributing perspectives from psychology, biology, physiology and chemistry.
  • Evaluate the discipline of neuroscience critically within a larger cultural, socio-historical, and ethical framework.

Core Requirements ( 10 credits )

PSY 235 Introduction to Neuroscience (3)
PSY 345 Brain and Behavior (3)
BIOL 311 Neurobiology (4)

Electives ( 12 credits )

Required-Complete a minimum of 3 credits from each group:
Group I: Biosciences
BIOL 402 Principles of Animal Behavior (3)
BIOL 360 Cellular and Molecular Physiology (4)
Group II: Psychology
PSY 348 Cognitive Psychology (3)
PSY 360 Sensation and Perception (3)

Electives – Complete a minimum of 6 credits from the following:
BIOL 341 Genetics (4)
BIOL 360 Cellular and Molecular Physiology (4)
BIOL 365 Developmental Biology (4)
BIOL 402 Principles of Animal Behavior (3)
CHEM 400 Biochemistry I (3)
PSY 202 Developmental Psychology (3)
PSY 317 Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (3)
PSY 342 Learning and Memory (3)
PSY 348 Cognitive Psychology (3)
PSY 360 Sensation and Perception (3)
PSY 463 Abnormal Psychology (3)