Minor in Mathematics: Elementary Education Major

Minor in Mathematics: Elementary Education Major

Math Minor for Elementary Education Major - 23 credits

Core Requirements

NOTE: Contact your advisor for current licensure information on whether the minor satisfies the State of Minnesota mathematics licensure requirements for grades 5-8 or the licensure requirements for other states. This minor is a concentration for Elementary Education majors. MATH 303, 304, and 406 are part of the elementary education major and, thus, these courses are not listed among the requirements for this minor.

MATH 232 Applied Statistics (3) or
MATH 234 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3) or
MATH 335 Intermediate Probability and Statistics I (3)
MATH 261 Calculus I (4)
MATH 262 Calculus II (4)
MATH 310 Discrete Mathematics (4)
MATH 316 Teaching Mathematics in the Middle Grades (3)

Restricted Electives

Students must take one of the four courses listed. Students who choose MATH 323 must take MATH 260 as a co-requisite.

MATH 323 Multi-Variable and Vector Calculus (4) and
MATH 260 Computer Calculus (1) or
MATH 327 Introduction to Linear Algebra (3) or
MATH 486 History of Mathematics (3) or
MATH 487 Foundations of Geometry (3)