B.S. Degree in Geosciences {17-18} - Reading Geochemical Fingerprints

Course Code
GEOS 415  Credits
Title Reading Geochemical Fingerprints 
Prerequisite GEOS 115 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This course addresses the geochemical processes by which the Earth has become chemically differentiated, the impact of that differentiation on humans past and present, and the ways by which chemical fingerprints can be used to understand past human activities. Students can expect to learn about ore and soil-forming processes, processes for chemical and isotopic differentiation in the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, statistical methodologies for studying chemical differences, analytical methods for measuring chemical and isotopic properties of earth materials, influence of geographic distribution of resources on human occupation, and the use of chemical information in archaeological studies. Students will participate in solving geochemical and archaeological puzzles using chemical, mineralogical and textural information.