B.S. Degree in Operations Management {17-18} - Survey of Differential Calculus with Algebra

Course Code
MATH 227  Credits
Title Survey of Differential Calculus with Algebra 
Prerequisite ACT Math = 23 or SAT 560 or above or Accuplacer Intermediate Algebra = 60 or Accuplacer AAF = 255 or MATH 099 Intermediate Algebra with grade C- or higher 
Lasc Area Goal 4  
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description Review of topics in college algebra with emphasis on solving systems of equations with unique solutions, under determined and overdetermined systems. Introduction to matrices, multiplication of matrices and inverse of a square matrix with emphasis on systems of equations and applications. Derivatives, applications of differentiation and optimization. Not open to mathematics majors or minors. Must have successfully completed MDEV 099 or acceptable placement score. MnTC Goal 4.