B.A. Degree in English {17-18} - Issues of Death & Grief: Creative Non-Fiction of Life & Loss

Course Code
ENGL 417  Credits
Title Issues of Death & Grief: Creative Non-Fiction of Life & Loss 
Lasc Area Goal 9  
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description Within the gravities of life and death, love and grief, there is a search for understanding and healing. This course is designed to help students understand that death and grief present choices and changes that face us as citizens within a community of loved ones. During this course, students will consider the importance of care and customs surrounding death and dying and the value of honest dialogue when grief is set upon individuals struggling with loss. This course will develop students' awareness of the ethical dimensions of personal decisions (for self and others in the realm of loss, the business of mourning and the pain of grief) and to cultivate their deliberative skills through respectful engagement with others whose views differ. MnTC Goal 9.