Master of Science in Nursing - NAOSL Practicum Capstone II

Course Code
NURS 645P  Credits
Title NAOSL Practicum Capstone II 
Prerequisite NURS 605, NURS 628, NURS 638, NURS 650 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description Nursing Administration and/or Organizational Systems Leadership in a long-term care, ambulatory, or public health setting. This course provides the student opportunities for application of knowledge in nursing administrative and/or organizational systems leadership capacities within self-selected long-term care settings. Students will have the opportunity to observe and participate with a preceptor practicing in the clinical specialty area of nursing administration and organizational systems leadership. Key nurses/nursing practice competencies in the nursing administration and organizational systems leadership roles will incorporate major premises of the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) competencies including: (a) Communication and Relationship Management, (b) Knowledge of Healthcare Environment, (c) Leadership, (d) Professionalism, and (e) Business skills/principles. Additional Nursing Manager and Leader (CNML) essentials will be interwoven into the curriculum including: (a) Clinical Practice Knowledge, (b) Quality Management, and (c) Performance Improvement. 100 precepted clinical hours.