B.S. Degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology {17-18} - Tropical Field Biology

Course Code
BIOL 335  Credits
Title Tropical Field Biology 
Lasc Area Goal 10  
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description Two lectures per week during the spring semester discuss general concepts of ecology applied to tropical ecosystems. Topics covered include: global climate patterns that produce tropical conditions, evolution of biodiversity, rain forests, cloud forests, dry forests, mangrove swamps, coral reef ecology, principles and application of conservation biology to tropical flora and fauna, and balancing human resource use with habitat preservation and restoration. The "lab" component of this course is a mandatory, 10-day class trip to Costa Rica over spring break. In Costa Rica, students and faculty spend 4 days in an ecolodge in dry forest in Cabo Blanco on the Pacific Ocean, another 4 days in cloud forest near Monteverde. A special fee is required to cover the costs of travel, food, and accommodation. Prerequisite: one course in the sciences. MnTC Goal 10.