Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership - Building a Compassionate Community of Scholars

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ED 785  Credits
Title Building a Compassionate Community of Scholars 
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Description This course describes theories of compassionate leadership, studies the relationship between leadership style and organizational change, and examines the implementation process of a leader's vision. Leaders in Education are often taught to lead with their heads and not with their hearts. Good leadership is often defined as strategic, rational, and bottom-line business people who focus on results. Yet, recent research on successful leaders suggests a different style of leader—one that exhibits kindness, compassion and empathy. This course examines relations with stakeholders, including boards, learners, parents, faculty, staff, and the community at large. Attention is given to creating and sustaining a diverse learning infrastructure through faculty and staff professional development, alumni relations, and the building of scholarly communities. This course uses team building, group dynamics, and interpersonal sensitivity to motivate and inspire students to work together toward common goals.