Certificate in Addiction Counseling - Internship in Addiction Counseling

Course Code
CNSA 669E  Credits 4-6 
Title Internship in Addiction Counseling 
Prerequisite CNSA 691E Practicum in Addiction Counseling 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description Internship is designed to meet the CACREP accreditation standards and requires completion of all documented 750 clock hours of field experience (Students seeking licensure in North Dakota may need to complete additional clock hours per consortium requirements.) in an approved setting consistent with a student's area of specialization. Specific emphasis is placed on direct contact with consumers of counseling services. Documentation of weekly meetings with faculty and field supervisors is required. Course meetings are counted towards the amount of hours needed to complete internship. Case conceptualization, counseling skills and techniques, and service delivery systems are discussed in weekly group sessions.