Construction Management - Capstone Experience

Course Code
CM 492  Credits
Title Capstone Experience 
Prerequisite CM 205 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description The Construction Capstone Experience will integrate the coursework concepts of the core program in a research/application activity. The course is intended to develop a higher level of comprehensive understanding of the construction process and problem solving associated with the life cycle of a construction project. The course utilizes knowledge and concepts developed in earlier coursework to enhance the student’s understanding of the interrelationships between the design process, estimates, schedules, and contracts. The course will simulate a construction project. The students will work in teams. Each team will be totally responsible for designing, developing, estimating, scheduling, contracting, and administering the works for the completion of a small commercial or light commercial project. The students will complete a major portion of the course requirement through the use of applicable construction software programs taught in the CM curriculum. The course will further develop and utilize oral and written communication skills, which have become a major factor in determining the success of the construction managers and executives.