Social Work - Generalist Practice: Families/Groups

Course Code
SW 435  Credits
Title Generalist Practice: Families/Groups 
Prerequisite SW 330  
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description This course is designed to give students beginning competency skills and knowledge in generalist social work practice using the Generalist Intervention Model with the mezzo systems families and groups as the target area of practice. An ecological perspective and systems view of practice is used. Intervention theories and practice skills are studied and applied to both the family and the group as the target areas of intervention. The course builds on knowledge grounded in the liberal arts studies, including courses such as Developmental Psychology (PSY 202), Introduction to Sociology (SOC 110), Social Psychology (SOC 120), Human Biology (BIOL 104), American Multicultural Studies (AMCS), and Women’s and Gender Studies (WS) courses. This course draws from the knowledge and skills learned in SW 330 and SW 400, as well as interviewing and assessment skills from SW 420