Certificate of Proficiency in International English {19-20} - Pronunciation Lab II

Course Code
ELP 201  Credits
Title Pronunciation Lab II 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description Pronunciation Lab II continues focused and individualized assistance in the pronunciation of English. Students further develop their abilities to hear and produce the sounds of English in isolation and in combination within words and sentences. Instruction may take place in the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences lab spaces or in other spaces on campus and are arranged on an individual or small group basis. This course focuses on helping students improve the comprehensibility of their oral language production. Because an accent in spoken language is one of the most persistent features for language learners, students should not expect to “sound like an American” at the completion of the course, but rather they will learn how to reduce the influence of accent so that they are able to communicate more effectively in English with both native speakers and other non-native speakers. B or higher in ELP 101 and instructor permission OR placement test and instructor permission required.