Minor in Biochemistry & Biotechnology {19-20} - Proteomics and Advanced Chromatography

Course Code
BCBT 463  Credits
Title Proteomics and Advanced Chromatography 
Prerequisite CHEM 410 and CHEM 405 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Writing Intensive Yes  
Description An introduction to proteomics, mass spectrometry, and advanced chromatography systems. Students will learn the theory and development of proteomics as a key component of systems biology and explore how proteomic techniques can be applied to gain insight into a wide variety of biochemical and biotechnological research problems. Advanced techniques include 2D electrophoresis, liquid chromatography, quantitative and tandem mass spectrometry, and protein bioinformatics. This is a lab/lecture course where students will study background and theory and practice some of these techniques in the lab.