B.S. Degree in Public Relations {19-20} - Writing and Editing for Public Relations

Course Code
COMM 307  Credits
Title Writing and Editing for Public Relations 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Writing Intensive Yes  
Description A course for students in public relations that includes experiences in the process of writing, editing and adapting public relations messages intended for targeted publics involving multimedia delivery platforms. The course focuses on the process and principles of writing, copy-editing, adapting messages for multimedia platforms, publication design, and evolving stylistic considerations in the public relations profession, as well as assessing message effectiveness. This writing intensive course includes public relations messages shared through media platforms such as e-mail, newsletters, blogs, news releases, publication pitch letters, fact sheets, brochures, annual reports, web pages, e-blasts, tweets, speeches, podcasts, broadcasts, public service announcements, and other forms of strategic communications.