B.S. Degree in Business Analytics {20-21} - Business Analytics Capstone

Course Code
MGMT 492  Credits
Title Business Analytics Capstone 
Prerequisite MGMT 371, MGMT 433/MKTG 433, MGMT 480 
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description All Analytics students will participate in the Capstone course typically during their final semester at MSUM. The purpose of the capstone is for students to undertake a group project(s) that applies and synthesizes what they have learned in their major (including but not limited to database management, data analysis techniques and business decisions making) to real life analytics problems. By allowing small teams of students to work collaboratively throughout the class, the Capstone course emphasizes teamwork and encourages the kind of cooperation needed to flourish in today's current professional managerial environment. The course will be taught by a multi-disciplinary faculty team drawn from different areas of expertise in Analytics. Students will attend scheduled class sessions to think critically about analytical and decision making issues and to be creative problem solvers as they navigate challenging project(s). This capstone will culminate with a written project report and an oral presentation of their work to the students and faculty of the Analytics program, usually during the last two weeks of the semester.