B.S. Degree in Mathematics Education {20-21} - Education and Multicultural America

Course Code
AMCS 233  Credits
Title Education and Multicultural America 
Lasc Area Goal 7  
Course Outline Course Outline 
Writing Intensive Yes  
Description This course provides an introduction to multicultural perspectives on American education. Given that the United States is becoming more culturally diverse and operates within an increasingly globalized world, citizens need to be equipped to understand the diverse cultures with which they work and interact. This course exposes students to the experiences and challenges of African Americans, American Indians, Chicano/Latinos and Asian Americans in the U.S. educational system from historical and contemporary perspectives. The course content both demystifies stereotypes and myths attributed to these groups and stresses the marvelous complexity and diversity of these groups as they seek equitable access to quality education. MnTC Goal 7.