B.S. Degree in Physics {20-21} - Life and Death in the Universe

Course Code
HON 324  Credits
Title Life and Death in the Universe 
Lasc Area Goal 3 Lab  
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description The last century will be remembered in small part as a time when humans finally started scientifically addressing the most fundamental questions about the universe: "How did the Universe begin," "How did life on Earth begin and how might it end," and "Is there anyone out there?" Students will address these issues by reviewing our current scientific understanding of the Big Bang, the origins of life on Earth, the Evolution of Life, and the possible origins of intelligent life elsewhere. The class will be cross-disciplinary with heavy emphasis on astronomy, planetary geology, biology, and some history. In addition to in-lecture coursework, lab activities are used to provide students the opportunity to plan, design, and execute their own investigations of these scientific concepts. MnTC Goal 3.