Minor in Chemistry {21-22} - General Chemistry Research-based Lab

Course Code
CHEM 275  Credits
Title General Chemistry Research-based Lab 
Prerequisite This course requires any of these 17 prerequisites: MATH 095 MATH 099 MATH 127 MATH 127L MATH 142 MATH 143 MATH 210 MATH 227 MATH 229 MATH 261 ACT Math 22 Accuplacer College Level Math 50 SAT Math 420 
Lasc Area Goal 2  
Course Outline Course Outline 
Description An investigative-based General Chemistry laboratory course in which students will partner with Howard Hughes Medical Institute to discover bacteria-infecting viruses in an attempt to find new cures for diseases and antibiotic resistance. Students will work in the lab in a research group setting to discover, isolate and purify new bacteriophages from the environment, characterize the chemical environment in which they are found, obtain microscopic images of the phages, and isolate the phage DNA. Focus will be on experimental design, documentation, data interpretation, and laboratory safety.